Strengthening Families, Building Communities, Developing Minds

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The Centre for Human Development Limited will become the premier Social Service Agency in Trinidad and Tobago, serving Children, Families, and the Community, determined to develop human capacity through continuous training and development.


Facilitate a continuity of care by strengthening families, building communities and developing minds where the environment fosters healing through solution focused, person-centred practices

Our Commitment

Delivering social, psychological, counselling and training & developmental services locally, regionally and internationally. It is our distinct belief that, you whom we serve are in the greatest position to chart your own course, take control of your lives. Our commitment to you is to utilize the best practice, person-centered, solution focused modalities, using our most skilled practitioners to deliver services to you.

Our Services

The Centre for Human Development Limited was developed to meet the Social Service, Psychological, Counselling and Training & Development needs for the people of Trinidad & Tobago, regionally and internationally. Our work is defined by our ability to respond to the many needs of the most vulnerable among us. The families we serve have complex needs, communities need to strive and develop and the training needs are wide. TCHD will continue to evolve to ensure that we continue Strengthening Families, Building Communities and Developing Minds.

Psychological Services

Employee Assistance (EAP) Programme

Psychological Assessments

Community Programme
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