Strengthening Families, Building Communities, Developing Minds

Andrea Donna Crichlow

Andrea Donna Crichlow has expansive experience in the field of social work; working in a

variety of settings within the required legal and organizational framework and procedures to

support vulnerable individuals, families and groups within the community setting. Some of these

settings include the service users’ home, school, court, hospital, public sector and voluntary

organizations and Juvenile Justice Facilities.

She is currently the Family Team Conference Coordinator at Graham Windham Services to

families and children in New York. She previously worked in this role for the Edwin Gould

Services for Families and Children in New York. In this capacity she facilitates bi- annual

conferences for families as mandated by the administration for children’s services. In addition

she currently does risk and safety assessment evaluations and addresses these situations.

From 2010 to 2012, she was the Health Care Integrator / Division of Juvenile Justice and

Opportunities for Youth (DJJOY) B2H Program at the Graham Windham Foster Care Agency,

New York. She coordinated the Waiver Service Provider services for Juvenile Justice Youth,

monitored clients and made relative referrals and liaised between B2H and New York State

Office of Children and Family Services and the Court System. Prior to this she was responsible

for Monitoring and Skills Training for Adolescents preparing for transitioning to independent


From 2001 to 2009 she was the Primary Planner, where she prepared legal family plan

documents, court appearances, report preparation and follow-up of court mandated services. She

also conducted home visits to foster homes and biological homes to ensure safety of children in

care; school visits for progress recording, and evaluation referrals, and Individual Education Plan

meetings and evaluations, casework counseling and psychosocial evaluations, monthly progress

notes and report preparation, service referrals, therapy, psychiatric placements and drug