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Effective Leadership Development



Effective Leadership Development: Leading in the 21st Century

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The role of a leader is multifaceted, not only directing but guiding, repairing and sustaining his/her followers. Within the Trinidad and Tobago there is the added dimension of economic difficulties, changing work environment, and a demand to do more with less. However, human beings are susceptible to their own personal challenges. Therefore, the leader must not only understand the employee but the human being within. Such myriad responsibility comes with it a toll that is both physical and psychological in addition to the challenging occupational characteristics.

To this end, The Centre For Human Development Limited is proposing ‘Effective Leadership Development: Leading in the 21st Century’ This intervention intends to be a fluid, engaging and interactive process by utilizing core therapeutic values including empathy, respect, compassion and collaboration.

Programme Goals and Objectives

Over a three day period, Participant’s journey through levels of therapeutic engagement towards:

  • Establishing Trust and Rapport Building
    • To explore the importance of mutual support amongst staff.
    • To create an atmosphere of trust between group members and with the facilitators
    • Develop a framework to facilitate respectful expression and support.
  • Engage in Constructive Self Reflection towards Team Efficacy
    • To explore the concept of individual values and how they can guide personal and work decisions
    • To improve awareness (for each participant) regarding the importance of self-responsibility as it relates to the team.
    • To decrease feelings of isolation among participants through sharing and understanding.
  • Build a Collaborative Framework
    • To confront outstanding and unresolved conflict situations amongst team members.
    • To build a deeper understanding regarding interpersonal communication
    • To improve knowledge of positive communication and problem solving skills
  • Demonstrate Effective Leadership
    • To build a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Leader.
    • To improve knowledge of self-care techniques and the task of taking care of the team.

Programme Methodology

The process of the therapeutic approach will be presented in an integrated and inter-related manner which allows for participants to understand both their role and function from an interpersonal perspective. A variety of therapeutic methods will be employed to facilitate the process including constructive conflict resolution and mediation, communication building, reflective and insight activities as well as gentle confrontation. Through this approach, it will allow for cognitive shifts (change in mindset) towards the self as the leader and the leadership and motivation of a team.

Programme Structure

A three day interactive and intensive initiative will be undertaken, utilizing the principles of group therapy. The facilitators will firstly establish a psychologically safe and confidential environment to engender both issues and solutions towards the development of constructive and positive interpersonal relationships within the group of participants. Additionally, participants will be able to freely discuss either work-related or personal issues within the context of mutual understanding, and to receive support from other group members.

Secondly, through Constructive Self Reflection, participants will receive feedback and insight from facilitators about how they are seen by others and in what ways they generate being seen as genuinely who they are and/or being seen in the manner they want to portray themselves. Through this aspect of the process, participants will define themselves within the team.

Thirdly, the intervention will lay the foundations for a Collaborative culture amongst the group. By allowing initially a mechanism to effectively deal with interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics and challenges in a safe and constructive manner, a focus will then be placed on building the team from a strengths based perspective.

Finally, once able to reconcile both the individual and the participant’s connections amongst the group, a focus will be placed on leadership development. In this way, Effective Leadership Development underscores the personal journey and the collective journey in defining a person’s ability to meet and maintain the organizations objectives while maintaining respectful and synergistic interaction.

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