Strengthening Families, Building Communities, Developing Minds

Family Team Conferencing – FTC

The nature of intervention within Trinidad and Tobago sometimes indicates a lack of synergy amongst the professionals who interact with the emotionally or behaviourally disturbed child, be it teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, parents or other care providers. Additionally, the family/caregivers are seen as the main source of support of the child. FTC is a gathering of family members, friends, members of the family’s faith community and professionals who join together to develop individualized plans to strengthen family capacity, to assure safety, stability and permanency and to build natural support that will sustain the family over time. The FTC has often been the forum in which the child and family team comes together to help the family craft, implement or change the individualized child and family plan, in addition to celebrating changes along the way.
The core focus is developing a system of care at all levels and bringing the family through levels of functioning to not only overcome challenges but also develop a strength base. TCHD seeks to become the pioneer of this modality for families, where we provide coordination, direction, as well as the necessary clinical services, for the particular client. We also ensure that the requisite monitoring mechanisms are put in place for any needed long-term support. The child/youth is of paramount importance within the intervention and all energies are thus directed towards him/her.