Strengthening Families, Building Communities, Developing Minds

Group Counselling/Therapy

Goal-directed activity is offered to small treatment groups aimed at meeting socio-emotional, organisational and personal needs to accomplish tasks. This activity is directed to individual members in a group and at the group as a whole within a system of service delivery and who have shared similar issues and are willing to learn and grow from their experiences. Goal-directed activity has many purposes (1) Aims to support or educate the youths. (2) Helps them socialize and achieve personal growth. (3) Provides treatment for their problems and concerns. The facilitators create a non-judgmental, confidential environment during the process of programme delivery as a means of fostering trust, and deepening the group process, thereby allowing participants to comfortably share their personal experiences as a means of introducing ‘realistic’ examples. It is the objective of TCHD to have all who enter in the group too:

  • Gain opportunities to approach their lives with an awareness of their specific state of, physical, emotional, mental and social development with a view to establishing a greater sense of well-being.
  • Gain skills based competencies that will enable them to address issues such as conflict, interpersonal communication and critical decision making.
  • Be exposed to information and activities that would enable them to overcome any limitations their life circumstances may present, allowing them to discover and pursue their full potential.
  • Gain opportunities towards empowerment with the insights and skills to create and follow their personal vision regarding family, community and other aspects of social life.

TCHD will provide Group treatment in the following areas:

  • Addictions & other Substance Abuse Issues
  • Family & Parenting Issues
  • Aggression and other Mental Health Issues
  • Student Development
  • Child Abuse Issues (physical, sexual, emotional etc.)
  • Gay, Bi, Lesbian, transgender – questioning (GBLT-Q)