Strengthening Families, Building Communities, Developing Minds


Dr. Raulnel Neptune, MD

Dr. Neptune believes that the birth of a child is a blessing to the world and ensuring their positive development is an investment in the world. His passion for children shows daily through his work as he is currently working in Paediatrics, en route to becoming a Paediatrician.

As a graduate of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, he engaged in research, exploring maternal and neonatal outcomes in the presence of maternal morbidity. His early years of his medical career took him back to his island of birth, Tobago, where he worked in Paediatrics. While in Tobago, he attended many conferences, locally, regionally and internationally, making presentation of cases in Paediatric Haematology. His drive for knowledge and intent to develop Paediatrics in Tobago, led him to seek further training in Paediatrics to equip him to make a difference in the lives of children.

His passion for child development is seen through his voluntary work with companies such as the Nathan Asher Foundation (NAF) a Non-Profit organization, is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to children with rare diseases and the stakeholders that serve them. NAF is committed to the identification of funding sources and the acquisition of funds to aid in the treatment of children with rare disease as well as providing support and empowering stakeholders programs of education, advocacy and research. Dr. Neptune now serves as Chairman, Medical Review Committee.