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Kelly Mc Farlane, M.Sc. M.Sc., B.A.(hons)

Kelly Mc Farlane is a trained Clinical and Organizational Psychologist. She

specializes in individual and group therapies, psychometric testing, research,

organizational development, organizational/management/HR consultancy,

training, coaching, strategy and recruitment.

Ms. Mc Farlane received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with honours from

The City University of New York (CUNY). During that time she worked with the

Leadership Training Institute, where she managed mentorship sessions for

middle school children and supervised adolescents committed to detention

centers by the U.S. Family Court system. While at CUNY she was also awarded

lifetime membership to the International Honour Society in Psychology (Psi Chi),

with which she served as her college’s chapter president for 2.5 years. Ms. Mc

Farlane returned to Trinidad after completing her B.A., where she conducted

tutorials for Developmental, Personality and Abnormal Psychology classes at the

University of the West Indies.

Ms. Mc Farlane later went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Clinical

Psychology from the University of the West Indies, during which time she

continued her work with the UWI, expanding her duties to work on two research

projects – the Anger Management Prison Project and the European Gene

Expression Environment (Intrepid) project. Her work on these projects involved

assessment, interviewing, training and facilitating of anger management groups

for prison officers and inmates at the youth prison (YTC). As a requirement of

her qualification, Ms. Mc Farlane completed practicums within the Golden Grove

Women’s Prison and later, the Behavioural Health Centre at the Eric Williams

Medical Sciences Complex. She later went on to work with the Centre for Human

Development, where she conducted individual and group therapy sessions with

the company’s clients.

Ms. Mc Farlane later took up temporary residence in London, where she

completed the M.Sc. in Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology at the

prestigious University of London’s, King’s College Institute of Psychiatry,

Psychology and Neuroscience (IoPPN). While in London, Ms. Mc Farlane received

training and certification as a ‘Level A Test User (Occupational Ability)’,

‘Organisational Coach’, and ‘Handling the Press and Media’. She also has some

training in dream therapy. While in London, she developed her clinical and

organizational skills working as an Honourary Assistant Psychologist with the

OASIS Early Intervention in Psychosis team and shadowing a career coach at the

South London & Maudsley National Health Services Foundation Trust.

Ms. Mc Farlane is currently associated with various professional and charity

organisations, including The Cotton Tree Foundation, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of

New York, Psi Chi, The British Psychological Association and Trinidad & Tobago

Association of Psychologists. In the past, she has worked with the National

Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago and TeL Magazine (Editor in Chief).