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Tara Jackman, MSc., BSc.

Tara Jackman is a Clinical Psychologist attached to The Centre for Human Development –

TCHD Team. She is currently at one of TCHD’s sites, providing psychological services which

includes Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy and Psychological/Psychoeducational

Assessment. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Psychology

from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. During her graduate training she acquired

proficient skills in Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment that allowed for the

intervention and treatment planning of individuals ranging in ages 3 year to 80+ years with a

wide range of emotional, behavioural and other problems. Her clinical experience was developed

by working in variety of settings which include; a psychiatric hospital, private practices and a

non-profit organization in the United States. Her research interests include cross cultural

psychology, cross cultural neuropsychology and school psychology with an emphasis on the

child and adolescent Caribbean population.