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Transitional Counselling

Transitions or changes can be difficult for anyone, however in the case of children and adolescents this is compounded by developmental milestones that may be sometimes delayed at the onset of traumatic circumstances. Specifically targeted are two sub groups in this modality

Residential Youth

  • Transitional counselling engages youth who belong to residential homes and creates a system of support around them while managing and thriving in the changing environments. Critically, focus is placed on ‘what happens when I turn 18’ for adolescents to provide a structured pathway to develop opportunities and thriving skills.

Life Transitions

  • Centred specifically in terms of major changes in the lives of youth such as exams, migration and relationships, this aspect of transitional counselling seeks to provide a structure for the client develop coping mechanisms as well as understand the facets of change.
    • I. Provide a structure for the client
      II. Develop coping mechanisms and
      III. Develop and understand the facets of change.